Also it would be nice if you include the controller-picture into the input-plugin as i’ve seen in 1. With regards Steve “Roboplodicus” PS reply. I’ve downloaded this several times on different pc’s and your patch rocks it. Other buttons The remaining 6 controls correspond the remaining 6 buttons on the N64 controller all are digital controls: Ocarina of Time” I have the same problem as retrozify.

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I still hold onto hope that I may rekindle the desire to work on a N64 project again some day.

It’s like, you tell someone you’re working on an unknown DLL for an unknown program, and the very first reaction is open-source. If i’m doing something wrong or in any case, can I please get step by step assistance?

Controller input issues Hi all hope you can help, I have recently joined the emulating world and having a few issues with regards to controller input. That being said it might be sometime before I have a Windows 10 machine to do testing or development with. Works well with both Jabo’s 1. The water is green now. This is an OpenGL plugin by Icepir8. You will see “Press Key Home Others Project64 1.

If you make a mistake or wish to change a control, repeat steps for each control that you wish to change. Jabo 13 Yea I happen to agree, it’s a fantastic packaging technology, but for those who have not used the installer there is a workaround link or they can just install the original distribution.


n64/psx adaptoid problem | Smashboards

I’m not afraid of it, personally. That’s why my stuff up until now has been open-source, but there’s equal reason given that the people who bitch about it aren’t in the position to bitch about it. Following instructions as stated in the post Robotron gets broken and visual texts no longer work. You must do this aadptoid every emulator you use.

Events Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. KInn Hello, I have been playing the 1.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

A nice side-effect would be being able to improve upon it, since N64 documentation is extremely lacking and source is not readily available for many N64 emulators and plugins. I had no idea this stuff was still going on. Don’t forget about Jabo’s plugins that come bundled with Project64, which I cannot distribute!

Ocarina of Time” I have the same problem as retrozify. The “b” version should be faster than the original. Keep this version of Project64 installed because the v1. This site uses cookies. Ive tried a bunch of options pluhin try and fix this. Actually my plugin is open-source atm, but just the assumption that I hadn’t open-sourced it was enough proof that the lardass didn’t have the initiative to make use of that himself. Really cool that there are some v.0 who can actually “do” things like PJ For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


TuxedoWolf So does this have malware? Maybe work will progress on the project at some point in time in the future, maybe not.

Due to the way the plugins pligin various configurations in the system registry or even local text connected to Project64, being that they were designed for that specific emulator, isolating them from the Project64 package introduced a few technical concerns. NMagoo 29 Thanks for your hard work, Jabo! Thanks for making the impossible, possible!

The ucode needs to be manually selected. So I recommend anyone who wants to play PD use the American version, despite it having resolution issues. aaptoid

A device read optically such as a genuine N64 controller, on a USB port adapter is likely to be more accurate so you can use a smaller deadzone than a device read by potentiometer such as most current low-cost PC gamepads.