Linux and Macintosh have similar settings: Unfortunately I do not know how to “calculate” this password, but at the SDSC website you will find a tool that will do this for you. Basically it does everything what WinRoute and the Vigor router do as well. In the lower part of this webpage at the ” Enter challenge string: If it does not go to ” Up “, I’d suggest you check the settings particularly username and password. After login type ” td “. In the ” Phone Book ” screen, you must now add a new entry.

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Change the number to something larger than 3 days eg. It is very well possible that you cannot connect. Enter the “rip” mode by typing ” rip ” without the quotes.

Analog modems appear to have a response actually, at adso www. One entry cannot be remove and remains it is not an actual entry, it is used to ” Add ” entries.

Basically it does everything what WinRoute and the Vigor router do as well. Since in the past the default Thompson wireless keys have been easy to hack it is recommended that you change the wireless key.


Send them a mail and your modem will be repared pretty cheap In the ” Phone Book ” screen, you must now add a new entry. Xpeedtouch adapter Home network NIC: As long as you are using the internet, this setting does nothing, but when you stop using the internet, after the period specified by this setting, your router will tell your DSL modem to disconnect and reconnect. You have then completed the full-reset. Please consider resetting your PC or using a different PC.

The client is now configured. This usually acceptable, but pointless, although it speedtoucb causes grief for members. You will need to open a DOS box and go to the directory where this program sits.

SpeedTouch Configuration

Ask someone who is more experienced even those guys WILL sweat on this one. WeetHet is being updated! Microsoft Windows [Version 5. The settings for the client are done as described below, most of the time you do not need to do any efforts, since most OS-installations go for the DHCP settings anyway For challenge string SpeedTouch D the response is It definitely can make live a lot easier, but it’s optional. Make axsl there is NO dialup adapter installed on your PC!


Do not use software like Zone Alarm, WinRoute, etc. Connect to the modem webinterface by using the Internet Explorer or any other browser. The computer now would like to restart: Now click the blue ” Phone Book ” button and once more remove all entries.

SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

Search the WeetHet Pages. I tested this hack thanks to FFB who stood next to me sweating speedtoucg hell All PC’s are automatically connected to the Internet – no additional action required! This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat If you do now use a MXStream account in the Netherlands, then you might need slightly different settings!

This window now appears:. Change the last digit to a “6” without the quotes.

DHCP helps you to easily configure network settings of the computers connected to your network. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.