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This will tell you if your radios are working. I have just been browsing their websites and haven’t had any luck using the term Base Module.

Avrisp MKII

If you’re not using either of those then the Programmer setting makes no difference. Well, that command is supposed to block for ms, but not forever. Please explain what “stop working” means.

It is compatible with Atmel Studio 6. I cannot kk11 out why what worked in the morning has not worked since. Last year all modules were supplied with the “Base Modules” shown on that page and the reliability was high. If you have them enabled the Arduino IDE will pop up an updatable boards notification when there is a new version available of any of your installed hardware cores.

I was using Arduino 1. What is that, and is that the correct selection? There shouldn’t be any difference between the version included with 1. I haven’t looked very carefully mk111 your code but one thing I noticed is that it seems like you are unnecessarily using arrays for your commands. I’ll get on to that a.



This is only a programmer and no debugger. I described the problem in mo11 original post. I tried to concentrate on results instead of understanding – and it was working until I discovered that, as Terry put it, nRF24L01 intermittent problems Work today, fail tomorrow are not uncommon.

The nRF24L01 modules were designed to plug into a pc board with good low-inductance bypassing and solid 3. Some more technical ID would be great.

Connecting Atmel AVRISP mkII – – AVRISP MkII

Literally, code that was working in the morning has not worked since avrusp evening. That gave no pointer problems and no link, but the compiler posted an error message, “An error occurred while mm11 the sketch”. Execution stalls at Trolley on a radio.

This is usually related to power and bypassing which nRF24L01 modules are very sensitive to. Offhand, do you have any suggestion as to how proven code could just stop working?

Programmer is working excellent. I have just done a clean uninstall of that and replaced it with Arduino 1.

What is “Programmer: AVRISP MkII”?

We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price, if it proves to be the same product. It’s best to keep things as simple as possible to reduce the potential failure points but it’s also not a good idea to make unnecessary changes to your code until you’ve gotten it back to a working state, otherwise you can’t test the changes. Found this item with same quality and at a lower price but prefer to buy from robokits.


I’m saying you need the RF24 equivalent of Blink, so simple that you know there’s no chance of a bug in the sketch. I am having problems getting existing, proven, code to run.

Thanks a lot for helping us to maintain competitive prices. These show in the attached version. That resulted in no pointer problems but still no link, kk11 I thought, “Well, why not? Hi, nRF24L01 intermittent problems Work today, fail tomorrow are not uncommon.