Like many other legends on this list, Steve Austin floundered for a short time after he arrived in WWE. Bob Backlund was another legendary grappler who, early in his career, finished off opponents with his knees. From discarded early signature maneuvers to short lived experiments, here are some of the lesser known finishing moves of wrestling greats. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Check out Faction Friday!

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The atomic knee drop involves climbing to the middle rope, then coming down hard on a prone opponent. Breaking any of these rules may result in repercussions at the moderator’s discretion. This is a place for long-time fans and newcomers alike to discuss, give tips, and show off things related to the game.

From earlier datamining, the Viper and the Hitman were initially coded to have different finishers to begin with Overdrive and Spike Piledriver, like their other versionspiledrive it was changed to the RKO and Sharpshooter the week of their character releases. As Mark Callous, ‘Taker put opponents away with the heart punch. Personal Attacks on other users. Now who does it the best is debatable, I prefer it with a little bit of a jump by the guy doing it personally.

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Check out Faction Friday! Many of Mick’s signature moves stayed with him for most of his career, as he found what work early on and made sure that those maneuvers were consistently in his arsenal.

Though he first established himself as “The Legend Killer,” it’s safe to say that Randy Orton is well on his way to legend status, himself.

Bob Backlund was pieldriver legendary grappler who, early in his career, finished off opponents with his knees. I’ve always loved Mick Foley’s pulling piledriver, particularly to the Undertaker.

But it was too difficult to perform on larger opponents, which made the more versatile Sharpshooter a lifesaver. That move was a modified piledtiver suplex, not unlike Kurt Angle’s Olympic slam and it certainly stood out at the time. Speaking of modified neckbreakers, there’s arguably never been a more iconic neckbreaker than the one delivered by WWE legend, “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

The beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. You may not vote on this poll. A match-3 puzzle game, it focuses on events and superstars from the WWE. After all, when HBK turned on his former tag partner Marty Jannetty, he levelled him with a superkick.

This may sound like sacrilege to some of you but I actually prefer the Dynamite Kid’s tombstone to Undertaker’s or Kane’s. Want to add to the discussion?

15 Forgotten Finishing Moves Of Legendary Wrestlers

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No buying or selling accounts, hacks, etc, in this subreddit. A crooked lariat clothesline referred to as the Axe Bomber. Hart had been wrestling for approximately 15 years at that point, and, of course, had spkie his share of matches with other attacks. And then, during his mids WWE run, it allowed him to “snap” — refusing to release a hold that quite believably would render opponents trapped.

Before long, the move was his coup de grace and he never looked back. Memes, reaction gifs, image macros, low quality YouTube videos.

Of course, Nash wouldn’t stick with the move for long. Check out the current sidebar event!

Blog Facebook Twitter Youtubers: Kaze Ni Nare is offline. Pilerriver those modern fans who’ve never seen the move, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Just as Rude didn’t develop his iconic persona overnight, he also didn’t immediately discover The Rude Awakening.