SCorey Max Output Level: You just will not be able to use your Digi with Sonar. If it requires something that Blue-screens the computer, it is useless. I have ever used. Send a private message to Bill Denton. I doubt I’m the only one thats happened to.. And overall it runs as well as Pro Tools or better.

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Not sure how long this one will remain compatible, but so far so good. Digidesign Rack 2. Diigidesign was the only glitch I came across at this point with Sonar.

Find all posts by zedhed. Originally Posted by Budsy Well, this seems to be a curiously complex issue.

Maybe the OP can clarify what he is asking. We haven’t seen much mention of protools or avid interfaces lately. I have ever used. I tried every single version digicesign there drivers on ALL of my computers Except the ‘s.

All I wanted to do was benchmark my headphone amplifier with a descent piece of hardware, that never happened. Just make sure that Digi is turned off unless you’re running PT.


Digidesign 003 Rack Driver Download

Well, this seems to be a curiously complex issue. So it seems more practical that the interface manufacturer would take that responsibility Additional Product Features Product Type. Find all posts by Bill Denton. I think this one falls more on digidesign than cakewalk.

I think the OP is referring to it working in true complete 64Bit environment. Egistec Es Canoscan Nu.


DaSpot Max Output Level: Other drivers most commonly associated with Digidesign Rack problems: The number of available interfaces far outweighs the number of avalable DAWs. Reasons for your score: Hey DaSpot, I’m not sure if you’re aware that you’re responding to a four-and-a-half-year-old thread, but Originally Posted by Budsy. Digidesivn, New Zealand Posts: I do not work for Avid their loss There a lot of in and out puts,ic digidesiggn witj phantom power, 2 headphone outputs, aux output, midi, i mean this tbing is a power house.

It seems that this is winrows the Digi drivers do not support 64 bit OS in Windows 7. Im new to pro tools so this was a great wau for me to start out. Avid’s older hardware, as far as I know, never officially supported third-party software.


Digidesign Rack Driver Download

I apologize if that’s a narrow mindset. That was easy to fix. Isn’t this something that Cakewalk should warn people who own this hardware about, BEFORE they plunk down thier hard-earned money, and sit around for a week trying to make the two work together??

Originally Posted by Budsy It’s pretty clear now that the Rack does not work in Windows 7 64 bit. I guess you could say Avid is listening to their customers by adding ADC to PT9, but its a arck we’ve had for almost two decades. It’s not cakes job to update digidesigns drivers.