Originally Posted by dental-floss-tycoon When I plug the Mbox2 in and select it as Audacity’s recording device in Ubuntu I have a digi rack, and I was depending on this unit to be my travel buddy. If so, which one? I have recently purchased the Mbox2. All your doing is putting more sound in the stereo field but not making it any louder.

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G9 hum Hz dB problem.

At this price range theres not much between these boxes,but protools is the industry standard. Now it refuses to work. I fimware you hear back from Digidesign soon — I would be interested to hear what the end result is.

That said, the discussion about firewire vs. Have they fixed the latency issue from the old one? The vocals have that beautiful rich valve fullness.

Other drivers most commonly associated with Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater problems: Would the original Mbox be a better buy? It works fine on my Windows machine. Ive never had a problem and im no pc guru hell, I cant even spell!!!


USB Universal Serial Bus – Digidesign – Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater Computer Driver Updates

But right about everything else. I’m sure Digi have a way of dealing with this because it says in the manual: Pro Tools is great, I have used it on quite a few projects. You may need to take it to a techie and get the corroded wires replaced …. July 20, I believe latency has and always will be an issue with recording.

Listen to the difference. And i think you mean presonus firebox.

The preamp is for microphones…… Do you understand what you talking? The preamps are fine ,your problem is your miking technique. Here is a tip every mixer in the world uses to make fuller and punchy recordings. Started by Sallivan Drawing Board.

Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater Drivers

I went a couple months before I tried the phantom as I used it mainly for mixing down. There are particular operating systems known to have problems with Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater: When I downloaded the firmware update it crashed. Thank you very much for your replies.

If you get a review completely trashing a product then its probally the competion m audio writing the review. That’s half a day I’ll never get back.


I am running a professional quality quarter-inch monster cable to feed the signal from my Motif to the M-Box 2. You figure it out… perhaps run by digidesign. It seems to have to do with the phantom power and lack of USB driven power of the G4. Is firmwarre anything a beginner needs to know about mbox 2 before buying it?

Digidesign Mbox 2 Firmware Updater version Download From softwareXplorer

I’d like to get some help on testing it on linux. I can also use the powerbook as a node when doing the processing in logic, so I get the bonus of another cpu. I can’t go back to version 20 because the box seems stuck in update mode.