As most hard drives except a WD raptor rpm come close to filling a Mb bus. Don’t waist money on upgrading to a Mb IDE controller, you will notice no difference between a or controller or hard drive. Friday, July 13, 3: Of course I’ve heard great things about freenas but I’ve never tried it. I’ve decided to try freenas. This server run great but is very limited.

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I ended up loosing the array and data. Here is a how-to that details creating the GPT table and partition you will need I did not test it myself however, as I do not have such an array.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in or Sign up. Before i figured out how to install the hpt raid web gui I created my array by booting to windows xp from spare drive and using the gui for windows. I’ve been designated the unofficial Highpoint guru since I own each of the latest generation of RAID controllers, except that one.


I am about to install this card with 6 gb drives and am wondering the same thing in terms of operating systems. Performance and power usage of multiple PCI cards not to mention cabling issues, round IDE cables a must will be a problem, not to mention the fact monitoring and maintaining multi IDE cards will be a hassle.

This will take some time.

Not sure what problem in particular you are referring to. Of course I’ve heard great things about freenas but I’ve never tried it. The controller is installed and WHS is happy. I don’t think FreeNAS supports the Is there anything I can do to improve the performance?

Well crap, looks like the DGL doesn’t support jumbo frames. If i give u root access to nas server, i have source code of driver, i managed to recompile it on freenas 8, it sees the controlers but somewhere along the way something goes wrong.

Highpoint rocketraid RAID5 | [H]ard|Forum

If you want to test speeds without bottlenecking on one side: I prefer after the install, so WHS does not see the isntall drive and won’t attempt to format them. If you have them, please let me know!

There’s a bunch of reasons why trying to rocketrsid a USB stick for something else is a bad idea. Jan 22, 4. Do I have to install on dedicated HDD?


Will keep update on things. Apart from a fried power supply I’m happy with this setup. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

I recently finished building my raid 5 on this controller and it seems to be working pretty well. Do you already have an account? Also if data protection is critical for you consider buying 2 RR’s for redundancy.

Installing FreeNAS 8.x on HDD with RocketRAID 2680 support.

I’m going to change it to a 6-drive 1. Sign in to vote. I am for the moment uing the RAID array. Intel Architecture Day.

Besides, the partitions only have a few MB each available, so you aren’t going to be able to do much with it. WHS picked up the card asked for drivers. Wednesday, February 21,