I have not changed anything with the database. Basic Java 9 compatibility is provided through the Java 8 version of the driver. Contact Us Site Map. Developed by DQ Team. If the problem still happend in 1.

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Comment 3 utomo99 Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this issue. Thus I think there is a problem a with the default properties of the form b the properties are not being saved. However, I noticed the following problems and I am not sure if they are bugs: See the full release notes for more information.

The following has been changed or fixed in Jaybird 3. We have also jcs/jdbc changes with a stricter interpretation of the JDBC requirements, and removed some parts that were either obsolete or not functioning correctly. When I checked the individual properties on the control they show that the control is Read-Only – Jaybirv.

After modifying the data I am able to save it to the database using the save button. So there is something different happening between the Data Source view F4 and how the form interacts with the database driver.


Firebird: JDBC Driver

Basic Java 9 compatibility is provided through the Java 8 version of the driver. It appears something is stopping me modifying the data that is displayed within the control. Please enter a value.

Support for wire protocol versions 11, 12, and 13 without support for encryption and compression ; protocol version 13 contributed by Hajime Nakagami wire protocol encryption has been added in 3. Developed by DQ Team. Select your media preference. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

JayBird – Java Driver for Firebird

Follow Us Select your media preference. Sphinx Full Text Search. I set up the data source in OpenOffice to point to the employee.

Now I can modify the jca/jbdc in that particular control. Remote close of event channel eg on Firebird server stop or crash leads to high CPU usage and excessive error logging as socket channel is not removed from selector JDBC Fixed: JDBC See the full release notes for more information.

‘jaybird’ tag wiki – Stack Overflow

Test your application with Jaybird 3. When I then press the Refresh button it the correctly displays all the records including the newly inserted jca//jdbc. Chris, can you please have a look at this and try to reproduce this? Most notable changes in Jaybird 3: But I had entered a new value!


Incorrect warning “Specified statement was not created by this connection” logged for statements that fail with an exception on prepare JDBC Fixed: If the problem still happend in 1. I can see all the tables.

However, when I then save the form and close it and then reopen it the problem occurs again. But I am unable to modify the records or add any new records even though the New Record star button is enabled. Description Unknown All released versions are available at GitHub.