Anonymous September 5, at Admin July 13, at 1: Anonymous October 13, at 9: Please, Kindly read the blog. Trying to reinject on my wep. No, im not in my kitchen im in my basement so not a dense wifi area. Anonymous June 13, at

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Thks for your work! Pyrit on precomputed tables is, with no contest, the fastest. Also, extra copies of the network have far less packets than the first ones to show up. I’ve tried the link you posted for the past few days and it keeps saying the “board is down”.

It will NOT be published. Un-install the Hawking drivers, and retry. Stephen Roberts September 18, at 3: Thanks for your help!

Airport extream+kismac+Injection

Not that it’s your fault, i’m just saying the title should be changed. I don’t see inection option Use as primary device. While it may be a beta version, it does at least run and collect unique IVs from my Airport Extreme card, and I’m able to use the data in aircrack-ng.


Hi everybody, this blog it’s great!! Your Asus is not a “cracking too” it’s a Network Adapter” it only transmit data.

Michel November 25, at 9: To me it doesn’t pass the sniff test. I try to find the proper place to post my response but I could not find it, therefore I need some help on how to work my adapter with KisMac.

KiSMAC problems

Which one cracking is the quick one? I haven’t heard of that issue before. From my calculation, it will take 2 days to have K packets and 20 to have theK IV’s that is why I wanted to know if with just the packets it will work My other question is that the WEP network is changing the channel every 4 days goes Channel 6 to Channel 11 and go back to Channel Handshakes captured, you can try to crack.

February 17, at 6: Stephen Roberts February 6, at Sam Johnson July 18, at 7: If you think everything is correct, you can try to restart your computer. Am I being impatient or setting something up wrong?


Hi, I understand your frustration answering the same questions over and over. Then it must absolutely be “bunk”. Please, Kindly read the blog. Kismac Video a good one http: No, im not in my kitchen im in my basement so not a dense wifi area.

Not having to repeat every single time what to do. MidAutumn is supposed to have WPA2 encryption.

The number of Iv’s you can collect depends on the traffic and if you are re-injecting or not. It is amazing how fast it can figure some out.

The Deauthenticate attack speeds up the process of D-auth.