I will give it a try again in the afternoon. Which is better because it receives digital channels!!! At first the volume bar at TVtime was not moving at all it was stuck at 0. I did it with Kaffeine!!!!! I like TVtime even if I can only get analog channels while my card is for digital channels as well but I cannot figure out how to get the sound working The problem is that I cannot get the sound to work.

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In the begining I could not get the card to kwrold. I am getting the hang of Linux pretty good! I installed Tvtime, scanned and found all the available channels. Even if it was seen by lsusb, the TV applications tvtime, xawtv etc could not see it. I have ksorld also pulse audio volume control, played around with the options, and still no sound In the Ubuntu repo you will also find “linux-firmware-nonfree” available most dvb firmware is bundled in it assuming you have activated the medibuntu repo.

Google [Bot] and 11 guests. Do you also have “libxine1-ffmpeg” installed??.

Users browsing this forum: I also installed gnome alsa mixer and changed the tvtime. I need some help in order to make the above TV usb stick fully functional.


Regards Wolfman Kindness is something 323ue blind can see and the deaf can hear Preparation and planning prevent poor performance! I ran dmesg and found the following line: I would also install the package “libsox-fmt-all” as an extra bonus.

Free Ubuntu User Manual: It has a great EPG which is why I prefer it over kaffeine, that said, kaffeine has better scan qualities than me-tv!!.

Kworld VS-DVB-T UR not working

I have tried too many options and more specifically: What is it kworldd makes tvtime recognize the card so well? I had to change the scan options to: So through gstreamer 3323ur changed all the audio settings to alsa and more specifically to Conexant. Needless to say that I was unmuting all options and setting all bars to maximum.

In all cases the volume bar of TVtime was moving and I could set it to maximum, but I don’t get any sound I am one step before complete success and “sound” keeps me from conquering it!

Zorin Group Forum • View topic – [SOLVED] Kworld DVB-T USB UR – no sound

At first the volume bar at TVtime was not moving at all it was stuck at 0. I tried Kaffeine, but even if the channels are scanned, they are not saved so I don’t have a list of channels.

I tried also XawTv, but apart from the fact that I don’t like it, I don’t get any sound either.


In answer to your question about why you shouldn’t insert the DVB-T stick before the PC has fully booted, the answer is quite simply that it won’t be recognised by the OS, I cannot tell you exact details but that has happened to me in the past a few times!!.

Read this post about dvd playback and medibuntu repo: I read somewhere in here that pulse audio is not so good, while alsa is better. The driver was em28xx which was already 3233ur. Which is better because it receives digital channels!!!

[linux-dvb] Kworld DVB-T 323U hybrid tuner (eb1a:e323) – no analog audio

And it is like metv and kaffeine do not recognise it. Picture is great, sound is great!!!!

This is the whole story: The peculiar thing is that while on TVtime the dvbt usb stick lights up with blue light right away sign that it is activatedon all other programs like metv or kaffeine, 332ur does not. Make sure you have dvb-apps and gnome-dvb-client and daemon installed also.

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