Have read comments on refilling Lexmark Cartridges – My question is: So I found the SSC utility,reset the chips in the carts. Refilling A Print Cartridge They apparently believe that the end user only makes one print of one page per week. How do I bypass this massage to get my. I turned on the printer and poof; yet again it did not work So I got a large hammer and killed the damn thing.

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Any luck finding instructions to reset the counter?

After I did this test Lsxmark realized I diddnt check to see if after I uninstalled the software if it left any files or registry entries on the pc and lo and behold it did. They also have a removable printhead so if it clogs you can use a steamer to unclog it. I then installed ldxmark printer on a new freshly formatted machine and amazingly it remembered the exact cartridge levels. Going out to price Canon printers tomorrow.

So while this helps the printer to lemark more trouble free it adds considerably to the cost of running these printers. If you don’t turn it off the cartridge will go back to the left and maybe jam if the ink is out and the holder top catches somehow. Creating And Viewing A Slideshow The high tech rip offs are new to me.


I refilled it with no problems but the printer still claims that it is empty. I am thinking not.

Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X 2500 X 2510 X 2530 X 2550 X 3310

Thanks for your comments stumpymeadow. If you fail to disconnect it, by soldering pin 7 to pin 8 you will put the Vcc to the GND grounddistroying the Power Supply. So, I am not sure what these carts were originally.

I am also going to assume the high yield is also refillable, as by law Lexmark has to inform the public on the box if it IS a Lexmark Return Program Cartridge, and these have no such label. Did you find anything to solve lexmmark problem with 36 and 37 lexmark cartridges?

Lexmark – X Color Inkjet Manuals

I have found the answer. The color ink cart says “missing right cart”.

I will then gather the printers and crummy cartridges and we can fling them at Lexmark, until the cops arrive anyway. The ink would be used as a conductor to pass the voltage. Ledmark bold solid black line at the top of the page. Lexmark prefer to keep that a closely guarded secret. Now I find out they purposely tricked me into buying this stupid peice of crap so they can butt-rape me on the refill cartridges!

Thanks everyone for your dedication. Dont give up it can be solved im so happy now: If you can confirm for me that you did test the cartridge in the printer and it had the ,exmark ink level then I will take apart a cartridge and see where each contact leads to. I have the Lexmark z Checking The Box Contents The 34 works, have refilled twice and NO problems!!


The chip cannot be reset so the printer is only good for the bin! Doesn’t it seem viable then that the Registry, as usual, holds the key? So that is where the level is.

1 PK 32 Black Ink Cartridge for Lexmark P AIO X X AIO X MFP | eBay

I’ve put them all back into the box, and sealed it up just as I got it from Walmart. They sell the printer at a loss and make up the money on the expensive cartridges. I didn’t try to cover any of the other points though.

For one-user easy duty printer, to be 2500xx, this function may be done by only one chip form printer, and the cart may have only some dumb chip for ID purpose.