What can you tell us about it? The Playstation d-pad is nowhere near that bad. As for the dump-to-desktop problem- this was using the driver from the RatShack website. First, become root and change to the directory where your Linux kernel sources live and run make menuconfig. Yours must be defective.

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beginner question – how to use USB joystick/pad with WINUAE??! – English Amiga Board

The outer insulation is fairly thick, but you still need to be careful when stripping it that you do not cut any of the lik-szng insulation on the individual wires. Wire stripper Electrical tape Soldering iron recommended, but not strictly necessary Coffee?

Maybe what lik-xang need is your old controller. You can either buy one of these any decent video game store should carry them, or try your local Blockbusteror maybe you have a broken Xbox controller sitting around that you could cannibalize.

Actually, quite a few of the adapters on Lik-sang don’t mention mac compatibility unless you look in the read me. Please note to whom I was replying to: I don’t care about wireless or rumble ability. Thu Sep 25, 2: The next step is to strip away about three centimeters an inch or so of the outer insulation on both the USB connector wire and the Xbox breakaway wire.


This lets you know that the kernel has detected your joystick. Created this page in 0. Unless ls returns an error, you should be all ready to use your XBox controller in Linux! Jan 5, Posts: I cut mine above, leaving enough cord on the end that plugs into the Xbox so that I can use the end for some other project see Figure Then you’re Super Joybox 5 is broken then.

It should be detected right away, ready to serve your emulation needs. It’s still demoted though.

Retro Gaming Hacks by Chris Kohler

I found that the best technique was to use the largest gauge on my wire stripper, close it just enough to bite into the insulation, and then rotate the strippers around the wire, slowly increasing the pressure. However, if that is what you are looking for, DC and Saturn pads fit the bill just fine. Originally posted by schapman It’s made by a company that calls themselves “Shock2USB” so I don’t know how reliable it is, but if anybody else has heard of them and is aware of any compatibility issues, please let me know.


I just ordered one from there, I hope its quality. The XBox S Controller d-pad is a stiff piece of shit, but it is accurate, so if you get used to it it might not be bad.

As for the dump-to-desktop problem- this was using the driver from the RatShack website. I probably could with a little effort, and some help from an ee-friend or two, figure it out myself, I just hoping I wouldn’t have to. Why does everyone buy these import adapters? Apr 3, Posts: Gameoad from Maine, that makes me a Mainiac. Using either method, be careful not to break off the individual strands of the wires.

I ordered two, and when used in conjunction with GamePad Companion, two-player gaming is supported. Games images which need to be WHDified abime. Use a PSX controller. Feb 14, Posts: Thu Sep 25, 6: Niether has had a problem.