Added age certification logos Settings Individual share watcher settings for each media source Configurable Splitter settings Logging level change now acting on both client and server Full list of changes The complete list of changes since the release of Spring ’16 last year is very long and we will only list changes since MediaPortal 2. New clients can easily be added to the environment and connected to the MediaPortal 2 Server for immediate use. You can now delete the Top in My Music, so it can start making a new top 0. Windows XP supports only 2x, due to it’s audio renderer. Partial list of changes: The LAV Filters will enable playback of most media types. Because of this change, the team has removed this function completely.

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This should give increased stability. I do not use the TV live mediaportxl recording functionality of mediaportal because I have a server in the garage running linux and mythtv which is used for this mddiaportal except live TV. The Team certainly hopes that this will happen. We added a couple of features like the display of Radio EPG in the NowPlaying screen when available and the GUI auto-update in Videos, Music and Pictures sections when files and folders are created, renamed or changed.

They have X10 support.

Updated TsReader for smoother playback of TV and recordings Refresh Rate Changer got extended configuration options to allow custom refresh rate mappings i.


Written by infinityloop, on This is turned off by default, so check out the documentation for changes to see where this setting is and how to enable it. However, you will need mediaporral reset all your PIN codes for this release.

We also made a small change which will make reporting bugs or posting support request threads a Emdiaportal easier for our great community.

However, the fix of a major issue related to the detection of a timeshift buffer file being video or radio makes us believe that a big field test is required to ensure that 1.

X10 Medion Remote Mapping

Now you can configure almost all MediaPortal settings without leaving MediaPortal. Unfortunately meidaportal is no quick fix for this problem which we could add into an 1.

This has been completely fixed and was improved in a way that the MyVideos scraper can now be updated outside the MediaPortal release cycle which means we are more flexible when it comes to fix scraper issues.

TV channel frequencies are not always saved Bonkalord – General: Black Screen on some files in fullscreen Normal-Zoom-Mode. Highlights of this release Bugfixes: We have developed the new version of MPEI so that extension authors only need to install 1. Please be aware that this is Alpha Software – so expect it to have some problems and quirks. Internal radio player does not work anymore Frodo – My Music: Re-merged the My Programs-strings that were kicked out from nowhere: The integrated player displays album and track information together with fanart in combination with a dynamic equalizer visualization.


MediaPortal Version History – VideoHelp

Your feedback will be a valuable source for bug fixing and general improvement, which we plan to apply to the the final release! The focus of this release is on major issues. We also fixed a bug that caused radio logos to not be downloaded.

Because of this change, this function no longer works in the 1. We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us.

X10 Medion Remote Mapping | MediaPortal HTPC

This will avoid that tvservice is mediaporrtal before the database is available. You be able to see instantly the latest added media items continue watching the latest watched movies, see your favourite music, which you were playing frequently. This service upgrade fixes several bugs and introduces some new features: Music stops after playing 2 song Frodo – Setup: ZapOsd first view the rec icon was shown Fixed: MediaPortal 2 Anniversary Edition change log http: You need to install Java mediaportao use this feature.

Now, it is already time to release version 1. Suggestion slider was useless because minimum similarity had been disabled.