Forum Hardware Desktop Computer Hardware monitor vga or sgva? Displays “Invalid Sync” and dancing green lines until runtime loader initialized. This one is working and cheap too. Changed the Monitor Cable to a new one!! Picture is clear in text and X

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Spec does not explicitly support SOG. It could be either but there is only one way to tell, because the connections are the same for both.

Works excellent, probably the best monitor with. It takes a while for it to react. Doesnt work right off the bat.

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The time now is It works for the install and all. Only tried for installation, it’s perfect, just change to SoG at monitor menu, very simple. The screen is blank most of the time and flashes the display up every now and then. Works great after that. Montior light shows no signal. Won’t respond at all. All times are GMT This 17″ monitor works a treat! When I started SuSE in SafeMode, I still got a corrupt display, this time with a banner ofcompressed information at the top of the screen and a large mciron areabelow.


It’s great working all the time. Basic install mlcron using kde, windowmaker looks good, did not do any extensive tests – “out of range” error until linux actually boots. Black screen, as no connector plugged. I couldn’t remember the differences between vga and svga.

The installation goes nofurther than this, and I do not know what or how to repair theproblem.

Worked first time with sync-on-green; make sure you give the monitor a few seconds after its powered up to figure out that its getting a SoG signal. I think pre might warrant a vga monitor, mine also is and color is fine. Took almost 30 sec. Need to switch off, wait 5 min, switch on, and enjoy The revised does not sync on green.

Sometime at boot it will show a double screen, just cycle the input and go back to VGA input and it work fine again.

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Since the problem is happening with any of the No picture, no video signal, screen completely black this is the only monitor of the 3 I tried that micgon not get any signal at all. RL 2 is text mode without network stand alone machine. Monifor just tested it and it just kept telling me to recheck my video cable. How old is this monitor?


Works fine in console and in X, but flickered a bit during the ps2gl demo could be software-related?

Micron index of parts for sale. Page 2.

Worked on a SONY monitor! Dont use this one. Then, as the installation writes the environment in textmode, a screen with either 2 or 4 panels is displayed along with alarge white square which is the mouse.

Monitor is really a Sony Trinitron FD tube and sync-on-green works with my o2 so should work with ps2linux just fine.